YouTube Video Examples

Below is a selection of example videos that can be achieved by changing the various block settings. These settings can be mixed and matched to allow for great flexibility. This add-on gives you a professional look to your YouTube videos with little effort.


This is the default state of a YouTube video with no settings changed.

Controls Hidden

The controls have been hidden on this video but the info up top still remains.

Auto Play

The auto play option has been turned on so that the video will start playing right away.

No Annotations

Turn off those annoying little user added 'post it' style notifications that appear on videos.

Modest Branding

Tone down on the YouTube branding by removing the YouTube logo.

No Relevant Videos

Prevent any related videos showing once your video has completed.

Hide Info

Hide the title bar and information to make for a cleaner video player.

Light Theme

Switch between dark and light themes to match with the look of your site.

White Progress Bar

By default the progress bar is in YouTube's red color, change this to white.